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German is one of the most popular foreign languages as it is spoken widely worldwide.There are a lot of job opportunities for German language experts in Multinational Companies as employees need to travel to Germany for work. Apart from this, job profiles like translators, teaching instructors and vacancies in Embassy are available.

You can go for the higher studies in German language in India as well as abroad. If you are planning to go for a job or higher studies in German itself then also, it will assist you. If you are planning to settle or travel to German then knowledge of German language will help you understand the culture, the basic vocabulary used and other concepts.


Is German a widely spoken language all over the world?

German is not only spoken in Germany but also in many other countries. It is a developed country and people from other countries also travel frequently there for work and higher studies. Therefore, knowledge of this language helps if you have to travel abroad frequently for work.

Is German easy to learn?

German language is easier to learn, in comparison to other foreign languages like Mandarin and Japanese which are quite difficult both in writing and speaking. The basic vocabulary of German is easy to understand and therefore German is popular worldwide

What are the job prospects after learning German?

There are a lot of job opportunities for German language experts as requirement in the Multinational Companies, Embassy jobs and teaching sector is there. Due to the increase popularity of German, it is also taught in schools and colleges as an additional subject and thereby the demand for well trained German teachers has increased over the years

How to learn German language in a short duration?

German language can be learnt by joining an institute where regular classes are held. German classes are available online as well through classroom sessions. For beginners, a general vocabulary is taught that constitutes day to day words, basic greetings and general conversation in German. You can learn German through practice exercises provided by the trainers

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