Academy of British English

Academy of British English

Academy of British English offers English Speaking Course which provides quality education, both in terms of spoken as well as written English with strong emphasis on spoken English. The course has been specially designed to teach ‘Everyday English’ by interactive sessions so that a student is able to enhance his vocabulary and grammar.

Foreign language classes are also held at ABE. There are French, German, Mandarin and Korean classes for students by experienced and certified faculty.

ABE also provides IELTS, TOEFL and PTE classes for overseas education. The students are given proper knowledge about the universities and courses available in different countries which enables them to take a right decision for their future prospects.

Since 2001, The Academy of British English is committed in providing specialized courses in Formal and Creative Writing, Voice and Accent Classes and Corporate Training. ABE has also initiated Computer Courses, Foreign languages Courses and with the growing demand, has ventured into Digital Marketing.

The Faculty members are experts within their respective fields who know the appropriate ways and methods of teaching average as well as weak students. Our entire classes are diverse, relevant and are designed according to students’ needs and requirements of the courses provided.

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